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Oikos Oh! After a Long Day

This post is sponsored by Oikos Oh! but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Well, let me tell you about a rich, creamy treat that’s sure to become your new favorite snack for, “me time.” NEW Oikos Oh! Double Cream Yogurt is great little treat to give yourself at the end of the day.

The sweet flavor and velvety texture is like a spoonful of heaven. This isn’t your ordinary yogurt.

Two open containers of yogurt with spoons, surrounded by fresh fruit..

Each cup of NEW Oikos Oh! Double Cream Yogurt uses, you guessed it, double the cream versus Oikos whole milk yogurt. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Rather than the standard yogurt, you’re getting a decadent and delightful snack that always feels like dessert.

An angled shot of the mixed berry and lemon double cream yogurts.

In addition to the double cream, the yogurt has a hyper-indulgent layer of sauce at the bottom of every serving. Simply use a spoon to mix in all that lovely sauce into every bite.

Oikos Oh! Double Cream Yogurt comes in a variety of flavors. Including, Honey Drizzled Blueberry, Lemon Sweet Cream Delight, Magnificent Mixed Berry Rhubarb, and Salt-Dusted Caramel Cream.

We tried the Lemon Sweet Cream Delight and Magnificent Mixed Berry Rhubarb. Both offerings were delicious and left us wanting more.

Kimberly enjoying the lemon yogurt on our living room couch.

The Lemon Sweet Cream Delight was thick and luxurious, the most delicious blend of lemon and creamy goodness.

While the Magnificent Mixed Berry Rhubarb was fruity and smooth, like a mouthful of berry pie filling and sweet cream. Trust me, this is one yogurt you don’t want to miss!

Stacked packs of mixed berry and lemon yogurts with fruit.

Make sure to check out this link, for more information about NEW Oikos Oh! Double Cream Yogurt. The website has tons of helpful links to help you learn more about this product and everything else Oikos has to offer.

There’s even a store locator so you can buy this amazing new offering from a company known for quality products. Find out for yourself just how decadent yogurt can be!

Top-down shot of the unopened lemon and mix berry yogurts.