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Spot the Seal Campaign

**Sponsored Post: This post is sponsored by Real California Milk but the content and opinions expressed are my own.**

We’re proud to be a part of this special campaign. Simply share the Real California Milk Seal to help families affected by hurricanes and wildfires in 2017.

Kim and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of the Seals for Good initiative. Real California Milk is donating to the Great American Milk Drive and now you can help families impacted by wildfires in California and Hurricanes Harvey and Irma in Texas and Florida.

There’s no purchase necessary, all you need to do is spot the seal, snap a quick photo, and share it using the #SealsForGood.

A close-up view of The Real California Milk Seal on a box of butter.

That’s all you have to do to help with the Great American Milk Drive.

In return, Real California Milk will donate $5 for every post for up to $10k in California and up to $20k in Texas and Florida.

The campaign lasts until 12/31/2017.

A zoomed in view of the Real California Milk seal being held by a person.

Given that it’s the holiday season, you’ll be using products like butter, milk, yogurt, and countless other dairy ingredients to make treats like our coconut cake, eggnog cupcakes, or Rice Krispie Treats .

What better way to celebrate the season of giving by simply sharing your Real California Milk seals on social media.

A view of the butter, a bowl of sugar, and the seal.

Feel free to share photos of you and your family cooking with ingredients that proudly display the seal you see in our photos.

For example, we were making sugar cookies with our son and decided to share some of those photos in this post.

A top-down view of the seal and ingredients like eggs, sugar, and flour.

Furthermore, while cooking the snack, we explained to our son how initiatives like the Great American Milk Drive and the Spot the Seal Campaign really help families in need. It just goes to show how people across the world can come together for a common cause.

To summarize, the Seals for Good campaign expanded to support people in California affected by the wildfires. Simply take a photo of the Real California Milk Seal, share your picture on social media using #SealsForGood.

Then, Real California Milk will donate $5 to the Great American Milk Drive (up to $10k in CA and $20k in TX/FL).

Proceeds will assist families in California impacted by wildfires. In addition to families affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma in Texas and Florida.