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Pizza Monkey Bread

Our cheesy pizza monkey bread is loaded with pepperonis. mozzarella, and Italian spices! Serve this savory dish with your favorite marinara. Every now and then, Kim and I like to prepare over-the-top, savory snacks. Preferably, something with melted cheese. Sometimes we make sausage cheese dip, cheese stuffed breadsticks, or cheesy garlic bread. But, last week, …

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Marinated Cheese Recipe

Create a quick and easy appetizer that satisfies any cheese lover. Our marinated cheese recipe features three kinds of cheese in a white wine vinegar marinade. Yesterday, we shared a delicious cocktail recipe. Since you already have the drinks covered, why not serve an appetizer as well? For today’s post, we’re sharing our marinated cheese …

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Homemade Pimento Cheese Recipe

The easiest pimento cheese recipe you’ll ever make! Our homemade pimento cheese is savory and full of pimentos. Make this delicious snack in minutes. Pimento cheese, a family tradition is some households. Honestly, I can see why. It’s creamy, savory and perfect for sharing. Our pimento cheese recipe takes simple ingredients and transforms them into …

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