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Poultry recipes covers quite a broad spectrum. We’re considering it to both chicken and turkey. With these two staples, there are limitless recipe ideas.

Plate of homemade chicken alfredo pasta.

Creamy Chicken Noodle Casserole

Chicken Noodle Casserole is a creamy casserole full of tender egg noodles, mixed vegetables, leftover chicken, and a blend of savory seasonings. Casseroles are one of the best comfort foods during the Winter months. They’re warm, hearty, and the variety is endless. We’ve amped up our casserole making this year, and it’s made dinners so …

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Chicken Doritos Casserole

This chicken Doritos casserole features tender shredded chicken, crispy Doritos chips, and gooey melted cheese! Until recently, we had never heard of this recipe. Apparently, it’s quite popular. In fact, there are tons of variations on the casserole. So, Kim decided to adapt one and share it with our readers. The inspiration for our chicken …

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Instant Pot Chicken Bacon Ranch Pasta

Instant Pot Chicken Bacon Ranch Pasta – Seasoned chicken, crispy bacon, cheddar cheese, and pasta are tossed in creamy ranch dressing. It makes a quick and easy meal perfect for weeknight dinners! Chicken bacon ranch has been a family favorite for years! We started using that flavor combination almost 20 years when John used it …

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Easy Instant Pot Buffalo Chicken and Rice

Instant Pot Buffalo Chicken and Rice – An amazing, flavorful meal that pairs shredded buffalo chicken, ranch dressing, and tender, long grain white rice. Buffalo chicken and rice is quick and easy, because it’s made in the pressure cooker with only a handful of ingredients and minimal cleanup! A little over a year ago, we …

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Cheesy Loaded Chicken Breast

Everybody’s favorite cheesy loaded chicken breast featuring melted cheese, crispy bacon, sauteed mushrooms, and honey mustard dipping sauce! Back when Kim and I first met she introduced me to a restaurant with it’s roots in central Arkansas. The place was called Colton’s Steakhouse. I looked at the menu and my eyes locked on the perfect …

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Instant Pot Street Tacos with Chicken

Our Instant Pot street tacos with chicken have all the flavor of your favorite street side-taco but we used seasoned chicken instead of carne asada. Who doesn’t love street tacos? However, I’ve noticed most recipes only feature beef. Kim and I wanted to make a version using Tex-Mex chicken. So, we decided to adapt our …

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Chicken Caesar Wraps Recipe

Our chicken Caesar wraps feature shredded chicken seasoned with Italian spices, covered in creamy Caesar dressing, and wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla. With Spring in full effect, fresh salads are everywhere. Since we like our salads on the go, we decided to share our chicken Caesar wraps recipe. Tender, juicy chicken breasts simmered in …

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Easy Layered Chicken Enchilada Casserole

An easy 6 ingredient layered chicken enchilada casserole recipe with step-by-step instructions and process photos. Make this tasty dinner for your family! Who doesn’t love a great casserole? A couple of my favorite dishes are our King Ranch chicken casserole and Spaghetti Pie. There’s just something about spicy chicken and gooey cheese that’s hard to …

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