Family friendly, semi-homemade recipes

We hope you’re hungry! On this site you’ll find over 900 recipes ranging from easy appetizers, sweet desserts, tasty cocktails and everything in between.

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Meet the author

Welcome! I’m Kim!

I’m Kim Vargo, half of creative minds behind Berly’s Kitchen. Here you’ll find tons of tasty recipes created by my husband and me using several decades of combined home cooking and restaurant experience.

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Dip recipes

Dips are incredibly easy to prepare and can be used as an appetizer, snack, or a dessert. If you can think of a flavor, there’s probably a dip in that variety!

Cocktail recipes

If you’re looking for cocktail recipes, you’ve come to the right place. We have several mixed drinks, rum drinks, vodka drinks, Kahlua drinks, Irish Cream drinks, alcoholic coffee drinks, and more!