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Easy Pumpkin Cheesecake

Our easy pumpkin cheesecake is sweet and delicious! A creamy pumpkin pie spiced filling baked in a graham cracker crust, and topped with whipped cream. Cheesecake is delicious, but for the longest time I couldn’t wrap my mind around pumpkin cheesecake. Apparently, I’ve been missing out.  Now it’s one of my favorite seasonal desserts. I’m all …

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Pumpkin Spice Filled Cream Puffs

A simple and sweet pumpkin spice filled cream puffs recipe that creates a bite-sized dessert perfect for dinner parties or family get-togethers. We’ve all had those moments when we just want something a little sweet without overdoing it. Sometimes that can be a real challenge. A lot of dessert recipes these days take things a …

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Mini Pumpkin Spice Bundt Cakes

Celebrate Fall with our mini pumpkin spice bundt cakes. They’re sized to share, filled with seasonal spices, and topped with maple frosting! In case you were wondering, yes, it’s definitely pumpkin season. With Fall slowly making its way through the Northern states, we can finally declare it the season of warm spices and cold temperatures. …

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